Are you listing my house on MLS or buying it?

No, we do not put the home on the MLS. We purchase the home with our own cash without the headaches of dealing with Real Estate agents, appraisals and financing conditions. After we purchase the home we will either fix the property up and resell it or we will rent it out.

How is the offering price on my house determined?

The offer price of the home is determined by tree factors. The first factor is the condition of them home. Some homes that we purchase are in need of repairs. Others are not but the condition of the home is a big determining factor. After we evaluate the condition we look at the neighborhood and the surrounding market. What are homes in the area selling for? The final factor that we evaluate is the needs and wants of the seller. People sell there home for different reason. For some its to get cash fast and for others its because they don’t want to deal with the headache. Whatever reason it is we can help!!!

What do you do with the home after you purchase it?

Each home is different. Sometimes we buy the home and add value to it by making necessary repairs, or we may just rent it.

What makes you different from other companies?

At We Buy Salt Lake City Houses, our commitment to the community is paramount. We have previously stood in your shoes, trying desperately to sell an unwanted home. It was a hassle. Our goal is to put more money in your pocket in the easiest manner available. That commitment is what sets us apart.

Will you pay me what my home is worth?

YES, we will ALWAYS give you a fair CASH offer.

What does it mean when you say that you will buy my house for CASH?

It means exactly that, WE have the MONEY TODAY to purchase your home. When selling a home in the traditional way (through Real Estate Agent), banks are typically involved. This can be a time consuming and expensive process. Because we have the MONEY today, we can eliminate that part of the selling process.

Where will we close on the property?

We will always close at a local Title Company, to ensure the transaction is done in compliance with Utah state law.

I currently live out of state. Is that a problem?

We work with out of state home owners all the time. Our local team here in Salt Lake City can help you sell your home while out of State.

What if I am behind on my mortgage?

No Problem. If you are behind on your mortgage, we will simply request a reinstatement amount and payoff to get a better idea of the debt on the property. At that point, we can explore the different options that you have.

What are the steps to selling my home?

Once we have agreed upon a fair price on your home, the next steps are relatively simple:

  1. We send the signed Purchase Contract to the local Title Company
  2. The title company will then request a payoff from the mortgage company (if necessary)
  3. The Title company will pull a Title Report, ensuring a clear title will be given to the buyer.
  4. We then close at the Title Company at your convenience.

How long does it take to sell my home?

We will move as fast or slow as you would like to move. In the past, we have closed on a home in as fast as THREE DAYS!! Although that is not typical, we will close on your time table.

I am feeling overwhelmed with this process. What do I do?

We pride ourselves in making the process of selling your home as easy as possible. We promise we will make the sale of your home a pleasant experience while putting the most money possible in your pocket.

What will it cost me to have you look at my home?

An in home consultation is absolutely FREE. It will cost you nothing for us to give you a CASH offer.

Are you a real estate agent?

No, we are not Real Estate Agents. We are Investors.

What kinds of fee’s will I have to pay when selling my home?

You will pay ZERO closing fees or real estate commissions. It is our goal to put as much money in your pocket as possible.

My house needs repairs. Is that okay?

YES. We will purchase your home in its “AS IS” condition. No repairs need to be made in order to sell your home. We want to make this process as easy as possible.

My home is in foreclosure; can you help?

YES. We specialize in buying homes that are in foreclosure. Even if your home has a scheduled date to be sold, we can still buy your home.

What is your program?

Our program is simple. For each home, we evaluate three things:

  • Current condition of the home
  • The neighborhood and surrounding market
  • We have a conversation with the seller, to help them meet there needs.

Based on those three things, we can give you a no obligation CASH OFFER.

What type of homes do you buy?

We buy ALL types of houses, from homes that are in complete disrepair to homes that are move in ready.