How to Determine Your Home’s Value

Determine Your Home’s ValueIf you’re toying with the idea of selling your house, you need to find how much your home is worth. That information will help you appropriately price your house. If you price too high for your neighborhood, you risk never finding a buyer. If you price too low, you risk losing out on a lot of money.

Before you sell, sit down and consider the factors that influence a home’s value.

  • The size of your home and its age
  • Location and market conditions in the area
  • Comparable homes that sold recently
  • Economic conditions, such as interest rates
  • Renovations and home repairs

Evaluation Tools

There are a number of home value calculators found online, including PennyMac’s value estimator, which gets information to produce an overall value estimate, the price per square foot, property details, sales history, and value history. With this information, you can better price your home.

Call a Realtor

If you’re not tech savvy (which is fine), consider calling a local realtor. A realtor can help you determine the value of your home and even help list it on the MLS to start attracting buyers.
The downside to working with a realtor, of course, is well known. You’ll need to pay their fees and commissions, meaning you’ll lose money on the sale.

Call an Investor

Your final option to determine the value of your home and make a quick home sale in Salt Lake City is to speak with an investor. A local real estate investor will be able to determine the value of your home with a single visit and a little information. Before you know it, you’ll have a cash offer within 24 hours.
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