Need to sell a property in disrepair?

Do you own a home that is in complete disrepair? Think no one will purchase it? We have purchased countless homes right here in Salt Lake that fit this very description. From leaky roofs to outdated kitchens and bathrooms, we specialize in purchasing these kinds of homes for cash. We will purchase your home “AS IS” regardless of its condition.
The time, effort, and money it takes to sell a house that needs repairs is hard and sometimes just isn’t worth the hassle of putting it on the market. We are experts in purchasing these types of properties.  We understand what it takes to purchase properties for cash in complete disrepair, and we are sensitive to the needs of the seller.

The seller of this Kearns home wanted two things: No hassles, and not needing to make any further repairs. The seller had started several home improvement projects that he wasn’t able to finish. We were able to purchase the home “mid-repairs” for cash allowing the seller to not have to make the necessary repairs it would take to sell on the market.