Need to sell an Inherited Property?

We have purchased hundreds of homes for cash that have been inherited. The thought of dealing with a potentially vacant property that has just recently been inherited can be an overwhelming feeling. Understanding probate (if necessary) and the ins and outs of abequeathed estate can be a complicated process.
Thankfully, we can offer a solution to your inherited property. Not only do we understand the necessary steps to sell an inherited property, we also work with local probate attorneys who can help with the process. We will purchase the property in “AS IS” condition so that you don’t have  to spend the time and money to get the property ready for the market.

We purchased this South Salt Lake home from the original homeowner’s family. The children we purchased the house from grew up in the home and weren’t interested in putting the home on the market. The home was in need of some updates and repairs, and we were the perfect solution to selling their home fast for cash.