Need to sell your house because of Divorce?

Divorce is hard enough. Having to selling a home and or other assets in the middle of such a life changing event can be even harder. We make the process of selling your home while going through divorce as easy as possible. Our approach in these difficult situations is easy. We make the sale of the home as convenient as possible so that each person can begin their separate lives. We understand the sensitivity of these kinds of situations and can purchase the home fast in less than seven days, giving the sellers the freedom they deserve. Allow us to use our expertise to find the best solution as you go through this challenging phase of life.

We purchased this West Valley home from a couple who had decided to go their separate ways. Payments were not being made on the home and the sellers were not only going through a difficult time personally, but their credit was being hurt in the middle of all this. We were able to purchase the home for cash in less than five, days giving the sellers the peace of mind they needed!